Florida Video & Photo Backlot

Canvas Films' backlot is great for shooting any special fx you might need. Whether pyro effects, water effects or destruction effects our backlot area allows you to shoot what you need.

Our 100×120 Ft. Lauderdale backlot is completely paved and secure. Perfect for any outdoor setup that takes advantage of the great weather in Sunny, South Florida. Great for film, video and/or photography shoots.
Additional lighting and production gear is available for rent with the studio. As well we can assist you with any crew needs you might have. Whether you’re shooting commercials, motion pictures, documentaries, music videos, TV shows, corporate videos, training videos or product and sales demos everything you could possibly need is available here and waiting for you to show up and yell “ACTION!”

To book call us at 954-767-8766. Studio is available for a hourly, half-day, full-day and multiple day rate.

Our Full-service South Florida video production studio consist of:

• 450 amp electric service
• Seamless green screen
• Talent green room
• Makeup room with private bathroom
• Seperate crew restroom
• Shop / Prep area with ground-level bay door
• 5 Ton grip truck
• Tungsten, HMI & LED lighting
• HD and 4K Camera Packages
• Conference room
• Full-size kitchen and dining area
• Free Wi-Fi throughout facility

And plenty of FREE parking in a secured 100x120 lot

Ready to book the studio? Call 954-767-8766